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Q: What is the process of ordering with Set in Stone?

A: First you'd come and choose a slab. After that, we give you an estimate based on the stone you picked, the edge treatment desired, and the size of the job. If you agree with the price, we go to your house and do a template. For the template, we'd need to have the cabinets in place. After that, we're ready for the fabrication of your piece.

Q: I would like some help to design my kitchen or area that I'm going to use granite, would you help?

A: YES, we have a knowledgeable staff prepared to help you with all your design needs.

Q: Where can granite be used in my house?

  • Countertops
  • Floors: kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • Walls: protective or decorative
  • Showers
  • Decoration around mirrors or other frames
  • Outside patios
  • Outside doors
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Window sills or window seats
  • Garage
  • Around pools
  • Basement
  • Sink or tub / basin area

Q: I'm building a new house, will you work with my builder / contractor / architect?

A: Yes, we have already worked with many builders / contractors on new houses and renovations. We'll even open up during non-showroom hours by appointments.

Q: Do I need to buy the whole slab?

A: We'll determine how much material is needed for your countertops. We don't charge you the price of full slabs. You pay for what is required to fabricate your tops. After you decide on the slab and agree on our estimate, we need a deposit of 50% of the total job. On the installation date, we'd need the rest of the payment.

Q: When I decide which granite I want, how long would it take to install it in my home?

A: After template, it would take 1 week to install it.

Q: Why do we suggest granite?

  • So many choices — colors, patters, types
  • More durable, less likely to scratch or go dull
  • Gives added value to houses

Q: What alternative materials do you have?

A: We have onyx, silestone, Caesar stone, slate, and limestone.

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